Les Echos
Wednesday, November 26th 2014
Article Marion Kindermann

« ArtForce, founded by Suzanna Flammarion de Bokaÿ aims at reach each individual’s emotional intelligence to trigger new mindsets.” She uses metaphors and analogies to decrypt core issues that firms encounter. Art collector herself, “she guarantees participants a better understanding of themselves, of others and each individual’s place in the company. Cartier, Bolloré, Swatch, Le Meurice, L’Oréal or Orange have already placed their trust in her. »
They talk about their experience with us...

Frédéric Sanchez
Executive Board President of Fives Group and MEDEF International President
« I am convinced that is though opening new horizons, focuses and understanding of each and everyone, by compelling individuals to confront themselves to different universes (professional, intellectual, emotional…) which have ab initio no connection with each other, that we are able to stimulate their curiosity and creativity. We are building a long lasting relationship between Fives and ArtForce. (…) We will integrate these interventions to the group’s training structure. »

Marie-Hélène Straus
Chief Offi cier Strategy & Innovation Chalhoub Group (Distribution Luxe Moyen-Orient)
« ArtForce has always shown a perfect understanding of our requests and offers, rightly so, tailored interventions with remarkable experts. »

Sophie Sadeler
Colas Head of Communications
« Everyone is grateful for this exceptional day. Solon SMITH took over everyone’s hearts and minds and each one of us is leaving with plenty of ideas for future progress. The evening venue was greatly appreciated as well. Both animators were lively and spirited, they managed to captivate the entire team. »

Verbatim CLIPS
Fives Directors of Subsidiaries Seminar
« Clips and their preparation allowed each and everyone to unveil their personality and understand more thoroughly the way we have to present ourselves.” “Clips enabled us to go beyond expectations and have created a real class spirit.” “Clips were excellent ! They bring individuals incredibly closer to one another. »

Verbatim Séminaire LEADERSHIP
Directeurs des filiales Fives
« The seminar was extremely coherent, each intervention was completed by the next, with excellent speakers. The unconventional comparative approach was fascinating.” “These interventions were particularly striking and pertinent for someone working in international trade like me”. “The workshop was efficient and essential in allowing to take a step back. The conferences as a whole truly allow to capture a global perception of different leadership methods.” “The keynote conference on geopolitics brought some new insights on the decision-making process and ways to engage others. »