ArtForce Navigator©
Exclusive tool from ArtForce*
Benefits from profile definition process:
+ Quick : less than 10mn
+ Instant restitution
+ No investment required in a dedicated software
Benefits from workshops:
+ Instant autonomy in decision through the key table in the booklet
+ Skills applicable to all areas of oral and written communication (managerial relations, sales argument, HR interviews, strategic plan announcements…)
+ Competencies applicable directly in day to day work
+ Enhanced transmission to co-worker


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Management today is a combination of know-how, knowledge and behavioural knowledge.

The key aspect of communicating is knowing how to make yourself understood,

ArtForce invites you to discover and adopt the Navigator©, a positively operational tool.This tool can complete other tests such as the IQ, EQ, MBTI and others.

Enhanced collaboration through better and more open communication, reaping benefits from differences and synergies is possible with the Navigator !

Each individual has a specifi c profi le to interpret reality : there are 4 ways to interpret a message. With the Navigator you will learn how to navigate through the four types of reasoning (empathy, vision, logic, proof) to :

- Announce your strategy,
- Motivate your teams by sharing your vision,
- Draft product description
- Negotiate a contract
- Present the year’s earnings

The Navigator allows you to increase your self-knowledge as well as your understanding of others.

The Navigator workshop© will enrich your communication by translating it universally..

Our Navigator module©
Video Conference + Profi le + Workshop + Navigator Guidance booklet

Enriching each individual to the benefit of enhanced collaboration derives from understanding, tolerance and accepting the complementary of differences.