Decision making in Colombian-Kogis culture confronted to European processes.
Our approach develops and enriched the knowledge of yourself, of your environment and your role in the workplace.

Our ethnological-derived approach favours open-mindedness, effective change management and the channelling of competencies and innovative concepts.

Built around the innovative angle of reaching out to emotional intelligence through art and social sciences. ArtForce offers an atypical outlook on your company’s management and key managerial themes, through inspirational conferences.

A variety of management themes
Leadership Programme
Meet with prominent leaders in their field
Outstanding landmarks visits

ArtForce has designed two special tools :
  • THE CLIPS : an INSPIRATIONAL TOOL unique and integrated to our approach.
  • THE NAVIGATOR : an OPERATIONAL TOOL an interaction navigator which allows you to identify your profile and build a speech that is geared towards other profiles and create productive interaction.