Expected benefits : enhanced implication from stakeholders in change management by creating for them a platform of exchange,
discovery and acknowledgement.


CLIPS are the voice and spirit of your company’s culture and those who compose it.

ArtForce has designed CLIPS, as a sharing tool within your company. The CLIP is a 2 to 3 minutes video in which every contributor can recount :
- A success in his work, that he or she is proud of,
- An innovative idea, an original approach, a strong conviction
- A concrete illustration of your company’s key values which he wishes to share with the community

This collaborative and co-creative workshop allows participants to engage in a collective, enjoyable and enriching experience in order to create a trusting environment of goodwill and exchange..

These CLIPS and their Making-Of are available for display on your company’s intranet to promote the sharing of common values and best practices..